Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tangerines & lemons!

Howdy People..

Well Spring is finally here, and what a glorious day it is here in Melbourne. I have already been out for a walk, down to the park, done the shopping and I'm about to go sit in the backyard to soak up a little more sunshine! If anyone is from Melbourne you know you need to make the most of this weather whilst it's here!

Apologies for being a little slack with the blogging of late. I will assure you that I didn't fall off the end of the Earth, I have just been busy working on a few exciting things here and there, hopefully I will get to share a few of them in the not so distant future!

Today I 'm sharing two new illustrations: "Little Lion & his Bumble Bee buddy" and my tangerine/yellow version of "Up, Up and Away...". Both are available now in my Etsy shop!

Off to the backyard with a new mag and a bowl of fresh strawberries before the little one wakes up! xx


ulysses said...

Love the patterns Liz ! Hope the sunshine was good😄

Nicholas Hong said...

love the adorable lion! very impressive graphic pattern design! Can't wait to see more amazing work!

victor fox said...

Liz! how are you, these illustrations are looking gloriou! I just checked out your etsy... i just love you little vintage girl! how cute xxx
hope your well and enjoying this 38 degree day
Clare x

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