Friday, March 16, 2012

Etsy Treasury : Citrus Fusion

I am suppose to be packing for a girls weekend away to Tasmania. But instead I have spent the morning procrastinating. Does someone want to pack my bag for me? It should be easy with carry on luggage but it totally isn't!  It's so hard trying to only bring a few things that can do everything. What if its hot? What if its cold? What if I go out? Do I need a hair dryer? What if I fall in a river and need a change of jeans (this has happened to me).

So I'm procrastinating by writing my blog and by making a Treasury on Etsy this morning. Citrus Fusion "Oranges and lemons, limes and watermelons. Zesty colours that POP!" It is a KAPOW of colour madness. I have gone a little colour crazy at the moment, I can't get enough of it! I haven't done a Treasury in years. I found out you don't have to wait for a free spot to make a Treasury anymore. This is awesome news - so good in fact that I am going to make another one next time I need to procrastinate :D

Anyway, I think it is a bright and happy way to end the week. I hope you all like it and have a fabulous weekend!!
See you all when I get back :D

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Days of Fall

Hi All,
Here is a new illustration I did on the weekend - "Happy Days of Fall". I have been wanting to collage a tree illustration since sewing Skyla's tree cushion for her nursery - I got there in the end! The colours are Autumn inspired and it also makes a nice little pair for the "My Little Vintage Girl" print.
Both are now available in my Etsy store along with a few other new prints added over the weekend :D
Hope you like it!

- Happy Days of Fall -

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Little Vintage Girl

Almost Friday! Where has the week gone?
I love days when I get a lot done - today was one of those days. I even managed to finish a nice little illustration combining vintage inspired fabrics and a bit of computer magic! I've added it to the slowly growing collection of prints in my Etsy shop.
"My Little Vintage Girl" print is available here!

- My Little Vintage Girl -
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