Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tangerines & lemons!

Howdy People..

Well Spring is finally here, and what a glorious day it is here in Melbourne. I have already been out for a walk, down to the park, done the shopping and I'm about to go sit in the backyard to soak up a little more sunshine! If anyone is from Melbourne you know you need to make the most of this weather whilst it's here!

Apologies for being a little slack with the blogging of late. I will assure you that I didn't fall off the end of the Earth, I have just been busy working on a few exciting things here and there, hopefully I will get to share a few of them in the not so distant future!

Today I 'm sharing two new illustrations: "Little Lion & his Bumble Bee buddy" and my tangerine/yellow version of "Up, Up and Away...". Both are available now in my Etsy shop!

Off to the backyard with a new mag and a bowl of fresh strawberries before the little one wakes up! xx

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