Friday, May 18, 2012

Singing in the rain

- 'Singing in the rain' print -

It's the weekend!!! I am excited about the possibilities of what I might do. Hmm.. decisions.. decisions. There is a long list of things I would like to be doing in my obligation free weekend. Things like ripping out the back garden, buying pavers and plants for the front garden, finish painting the house, painting the fences, restoring my $18 vintage bargain of a park bench, buying a new laundry fit out - the list is ENDLESS! I love renovating and love doing 'housey' things. Is anyone else working on interesting projects around the house this weekend? If so let us know!

Above is an illustration I have been working on. It is perfectly fitting as it is suppose to rain tomorrow!

P.S. 'Sing Laugh Dance' and 'Hop Skip Jump' illustrations are now available in my Etsy shop :D


yellowbee said...


I absolutely adore your style and illustrations!!

lovelove! x)

The Ink House said...

Cheers Yellowbee! Thank you for commenting and stopping by :D

Olivia sticks with Layla said...

This is just adorable! You just joined my childrens illustrators team on etsy so thought I would have a nosey at your blog! Wonderful x

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