Monday, April 2, 2012

Sock-It-To-Me Competition

The Sock-It -To-Me competition is on. If you haven't heard of it before, it's an annual sock designing competition open to anyone and everyone - YAY!
This year I entered a few designs, unfortunately I wasn't a finalist (and won't be in the running to win a $1000 bucks) but I had fun trying anyway :D

Entries have now closed but if you would like to get a say in what type of socks you want to wear, have a look at the finalists and be part of the judging here!

- My designs: Geometric Gem, Stomp & Vintage Floral -


Anonymous said...

too bad that you aren't in!!
your creations are amazing, especially the little elephants and the flowers ones, but I love all of them!
I've tried to enter too and I'm not a finalist either!
Let's try the next year!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the elephant ones, I am a little surprised that they aren't in the final - the ones that are are no-where near the quality of these. I get the impression they didn't pick any designs from actual designers?

The Ink House said...

Thanks lovely ladies!

Yes it's unfortunate that I didn't get picked but they had over a 1000 entries! I wasn't crazy about some of the finalists designs either but I think it is the thought behind them that they liked and not necessarily execution. I played it pretty safe too - who doesn't like elephants? :)

I want to see your designs now EdiePop and we should definitely try again next year! xx

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