Monday, February 20, 2012


- Pisces -
Ok. Relax. Breath. So I am working pretty hard here to write this post! I have a little munchkin who has just started crawling/bunny hopping and it is none stop! If she isn't kicking at the library ladder, crumpling my beautiful cartridge paper, chewing on Daddy's computer cables, eating my favourite recipe; she is trying to get at my ornaments, find the stairs or empty the waste paper basket.
At the top of my 'To Do List' this week is 1. Baby proof the home.  But not everything can be baby proof.

I am lucky that my little munchie-face sleeps at night but the pay off is (and I know I wouldn't want it the other way round) is that she doesn't sleep much during the day. This makes getting any work done very hard. I just need an extra hour in the morning and an hour in the arvo to work without feeling like I'm neglecting her.

So for all you Mummys working from home out there - any suggestions of how to occupy a 6 month old, so you can get a little work done? I am very interested to hear what the rest of you do :D

Signing off to get a little work/play/entertaining/multi-tasking done! LOL Happy Monday lovelies!! xo


Nicholas Hong said...

I really enjoyed your beautiful illustration and design! ^^

Pip Pip Hooray said...

Oh I feel you! When Kane was first born I didn't get anything done!! Only during his sleep time but I was so exhausted I ended up sleeping too a lot of the time! The only way I got anything done usually was through lack of sleep unfortunately. But I can promise you it gets easier as they get older so hang in there! Much love to you and bubs. xx

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