Friday, January 6, 2012

Jazzy Matryoshka Print

This afternoon I played around with fabric swatches on the computer and jazzed up a set of Matryoshka dollies! A nice change to standard pink and purple for girls I think :D


Amy Bindel said...

Your work is darling! Do you sell your prints online somewhere?

The Ink House said...

Hi Amy,
I have been on 'vacation mode' in Etsy for sometime now but have big plans for 2012!
You should see some of my work appearing in my Etsy shop over the next month!
I will be sure to announce it on my blog, otherwise join my Etsy shop and when I return from 'vacation mode' you will be notified.
Liz :D

Sarah said...

I love Matryoshka dolls and was happy to see these! Beautiful work! Your art is so cheerful and fun :)

Ilaria Benedetti said...

I love these Matryoshka!

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