Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spring Gardening

Hi Guys! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Are any of you gardeners? I am and a little bit obsessive about gardening.
Today I am going to get busy in the garden and what a huge job it is for such a small garden. When we moved in, there was nothing but gravel, bark and a few ugly rocks to look at (I will show you before and after photos once I have finished it). So I am busy trying to get our cottage garden finished before summer comes.
Oh how I pine for lazy summer days... so I can sit in the sun, admired my garden with a yummy cocktail and a good book!
Thanks Bee for your constant gardening advice - we do love chatter about our gardens like a couple of old Granny's but thanks to you I haven't killed anything yet :D


Pip Pip Hooray said...

I wish I was more into gardening. When we bought our cottage it came with a stunning established cottage garden and I'm so scared I'm slowly killing it. It still looks good... but I do know I should be putting more into it.
Any good tips you could share with me? :)

Love the accompanying drawing... so gorgeous!

Pip :)

victor fox said...

Hi Liz!! Thanks heaps for your comment. Yes it was so exciting to be on print and pattern. I love her blog so it was so great to be a part of it. Your work is absolutely incredible!!! Im so glad you wrote a comment on my blog, so I got to see your work.
Its just gorgeous. Thanks again, have a great week.

victor fox said...

ps- i also blogged about you if you dont mind. i am super excited to come across your work. its beautiful xx

The Ink House said...

Thanks guys!
Hi Pip - how are things? I am not that great a gardener but I do really, really love it. I think the mistakes I have made in the past is not watering them enough (just thinking they can look after themselves) and not giving them fertiliser (Seasol every couple of weeks is good). If you do this and they die please don't blame me! ha ha

Clare - it was lovely to find your blog and I am so wrapped you like mine. I would be so chuffed if you blogged about me!
Thank you for your wonderful comments!!

Mery said...

oh! wonderfull blog! thanks for your comment!
i follow you of course! haha
the girl of th illustration is so cute! the colors are amazing!

bee said...

Hey Lizzle! haha - well, I hope none of MY gardening advice will lead to dead plants :) I'm sure your garden will look amazing once it's all done... Then I can come over for BBQs hahah :D Love your gardening girl illo too, she's really sweet and gorgeous Spring colours.

Yelle Belle said...

So pretty!!! liz
if your going to do some gardening this weekend
dont forget to put on your poncho and boots
its going to be pouring!!! :P

love is colder than death said...

i love gardening too! :))

Helena said...


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