Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exhibition Time!

Hi Guys! Finally after many sleepless nights, I have finished all the work for our exhibition.  It's all being framed as we speak - how exciting! All up I managed 15 pieces - 6 large multi house illos and 9 single house illos. The Paper, Paint & Pixels exhibition featuring works by Bee, Imogen, Rach, Jeesoo, Renae, Lauren,  Porntima and myself opens next week. Details are below:


Shirley said...

Congratulations!! I know it will be an awesome event...wish I were near! : ) Have fun, Liz - enjoy all of it and I know your work will shine. Say hello to Bee for me too. : ) You gals are so talented!

bee said...

Liz all those sleepless nights have really been worth it - your work is looking amazing! Can't wait to see it all framed and up on the wall :D Also LOVE that little bell-tower print... SOLD! (to me :D)

The Ink House said...

Thanks Shirley for your positive words, your comments always make me feel happy :D You are a little far away in the US but I will post some pics from the exhibtion and Bee might too!
And as for you Bee i will see you tomorrow night at set up!!! One more sleepless night to go :P

Tiana.·*· . .. said...

I like ur work ;D

Robyn said...

Hi Liz

We were lucky and saw your work in the exhibition, sadly is was the day before opening and we had to end our holiday before it started.
We would be very intersted in buying two of your large prints blue tones with water and boats - like the one you show on your home page.

Also very interested in one of Imogen's works if you can pass on email address to her also.

Please contact me on


Nattie said...

Hi Liz! Loving your illustrations! If only I went to the exhibition! it must be awesome! :)

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